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From the beginning notes of the opening song There Is Life, to the title track Come Find, Jeremy Hart once again provides us with an uplifting gospel album to add to his repertoire. Not sticking to one set style, the songs take us on a musical journey from upbeat, contemporary tracks such as There Is Life and There’s Always Hope to traditional southern gospel tracks like My Name Went Down and There’s Enough Blood. With such a wide range of styles, there’s something for everyone on this album.


With this fourth album now under his belt, Jeremy Hart is proving to be a gospel music force. As each new album releases we see him growing musically, and Come Find proves once again how talented an artist he truly is. Not only is he an immensely talented singer, he has also been blessed with the gift of song writing. With lyrics like “I’d hate to know how He must feel, when a soul He died for won’t kneel” from the track Let His Love In, we get a sense of the passion behind the music Jeremy puts forth. God has truly anointed him to be able to put such thought provoking words to music.


Jeremy Hart does a wonderful job of providing the listener with a wide variety of musical  styles and melodies to choose from. He grips you with lyrically driven, slow tracks such as Amazing Me, Let His Love In, and Until I Cast My Crown. He then turns around and gets your toes tapping with the true, southern gospel hit, I’ll Never Forget.


With such a wide variety of musical styles, you’ll be in for a treat listening to Come Find. Jeremy has proven once again that he has a place in the southern gospel scene with his  anointed lyrics and creative musical choices. You will definitely want to add this album to your library.


As Jeremy sings in the lyrically gripping song Let His Love In, “It matters not where you have been, just let His love in.”


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Tribute Quartet records Jeremy Hart song


Jeremy Hart Music is very excited about the release of Tribute Quartet's new CD, "Our Anthem", which includes the song "Through Me The Cross Lives On," written by Jeremy Hart. Jeremy states, "I'm honored and humbled that they liked and thought enough of the song to record it and include it on their newest national release. The guys in Tribute Quartet are great guys and I count them as friends." To hear samples of their new release or to purchase a copy, visit



Check out this video of Jeremy singing at North American Youth Congress in Columbus, Ohio.

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